Shannon Hood & Monocrew

Photo Credit Seventh West. Oakland, California, 2019

"The Nature of the City

Lives in its People"

Nature of the City is a collaborative project created by artists Monocrew and Shannon Hood. It is an extensive series that illustrates important connections between human nature and the urban environment through art and interaction. With a potent combination of graffiti, fine art and design, this international duo begins to disseminate and legitimize a movement that has historically been treated as a marginalized cultural expression, breaking borders generated by the walls of the metropolis with art, helping introduce people - not only to each other - but to the cities in which they live.

“It’s about balance and harmony. It’s about the different species of plants, different people, beings that would not live in the same place, but here - in the fertile ground of the metropolis - they thrive. Recreating their own nature. New beings, new ideas, new cultures - different dreams composing a single picture - as if time had stopped."

-- Nature of the City, 2019



Victor Garcia

Monocrew was born of the interaction with urban space, translating life into a symbol: the unicycle. A thought, a subliminal impulse to connect with our instinct and follow our path in balance and fluidity - the cycles.

Beginning his career in 1997, native to Ipiranga, Monocrew is on the street, in the city, on the bridge, the top of a building - all around.

As an artist he portrays the diversity of urban centers, painting side by side plants and beings that would not normally live in the same environment. But it is also with curatorship and direction of artistic projects that Monocrew takes to other audiences, dimensions and situations, the experience of the street, coexistence, interaction,

and the change of contemporary street art. 



​Shannon’s detailed compositions are inspired by narratives among the natural and man-made world and utilize a wide variety of media and technical experience. From painting with fire, to creating colorful murals, to graphic design and illustration, organic forms emerge through a performance of carbon and color as her appreciation for detail is always honored by a desire to let the material lead.

Shannon and Monocrew’s partnership began in São Paulo, Brazil, where they made it their joint mission to give life to the great urban centers and bring more color and joy where gray and monochromatic colors dominate. Overcoming language and distance, their project has made its way to California, where they are now together covering walls, leading projects and always looking for new ways to inspire, grow and connect through art.


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